I am a Madrid-based graphic designer. Born in London to Panamanian parents, I have lived in the UK, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and Jamaica and moved more than 20 times before finally settling down in Spain.

I studied architecture at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid but ended up working as a graphic designer purely by chance. I have no formal training as a graphic designer.

While still studying at the university I became an entrepreneur and started my own book business. I worked with international importers, distributors and editorial houses, and sold architecture, design, art, fashion and photography books. For a brief period I also started exporting books.

I have also worked as a scriptwriter for a series of 4 documentaries for avant-garde art program Metrópolis, of Televisión Española (Spanish public television). My functions were not limited to scriptwriting, however. I had the opportunity to participate in the whole process, including creating the storyboard, post-production and final editing. Three of the programs were about architecture (in Madrid, Barcelona and New York) and one about graphic design (London). I also composed music for one of the programs.

As a freelance graphic designer I have worked on many brand and corporate identity projects. I have also collaborated -always as an independent designer- with advertising, marketing and PR agencies. Commissions range from a simple logo to fully-fledged corporate identity manuals, from websites to the design of a shop, including the physical space, the furniture, the lighting, the signage and the advertising.

I’ve worked for projects on several countries, including France, Brazil, Sweden, Panama and Kazakhstan.